Howdy good people!

I am going to release my third album, “CAN CON” free to listen very soon in celebarftion of Nada Day! Which is in July, I believe! Dig?

Also, I will keep ya updated on upcoming performances, par example:

JUNE 23RD, 2017       THE WISE HALL    –    DECLAN O’DONOVAN & (moi) ADAM FARNSWORTH! w/ a special guest! BE THERE… DON’T BE A HARE… RUNNING DOWN THE PATH… TO Missing-out Ville, B.C.!                    [Show complete with booze, downstairs lounge for aftershow contemplation/criticism/refund line, amazing acoustics honey, do doubt!, great songs, great stories!, camaraderie/general congenial tomfoolery, PIANOS, PIANOS, PIANOS… and they all gotta go… play for you.

Also, I will release a couple new singles to tantalize ya like a very nice piece of fabric or perhaps a fantastic flavour. I am unsure of the appropriate metaphor *AT THIS TIME.

That said, STAY TUNED FOLKS! Because there is much more FANTASTIC PROPAGANDA to come.

Say, I heard High Society rehearsing the other day… recording equipment was present… new album?


*Farnsworth and Co. are not responsible for any metaphors; mixed, muddied, muddled, mashed, mucked-out or mauled.

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