From The Webmaster

Hey Guys n Gals.

This is the webmaster ‘Carl Craig’.  Respect my autho…….yea.

I’m working on getting things up and running as fast as I can.  In the very near future you’ll be able to

  • Purchase Adam’s cd’s or just your favorite tracks.
  • Listen to tracks from all available cd’s and a few special “just for you guys” tracks.
  • I haven’t told Adam about the “just for you guys” tracks yet…but it’ll happen.
  • Find out where and when he’ll be playing next (with accurate times and places)
  • Purchase tickets to shows <– I might be reaching here.
  • Win CD and Download give-a-ways.

And many more good things.  So please don’t mind the rubble and don’t forget to write n let us (me) know what you think of the site.


Respect My Authority

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